We appreciate the interest in the girls and adolescents of our house, the benefits for our community through corporate social responsibility can be exponential beyond the material things. There is a strengthening in the action of giving and receiving that makes the human being an individual capable of feeling empathy for another.

You can make a donation from your Company in four ways:

1. Visit the orphanage: An extraordinary way to increase synergy between your collaborators is to strengthen cohesion with a goal. You can come and have an activity with our community. For example, share food, make a piñata, have sports activities etc. Activities that will strengthen the union in your team and by being in contact with our girls will have a memorable experience due to the opportunity to extend a bridge towards less favored childhood.

2. Sending donations in kind: The type of donation is focused on the population directly and we receive it at the door of the house, for example: Sleepwear, shoes, bedding.

3. Donation and gratitude: Girls will receive an age-appropriate gift, personalized with a letter of support or enthusiasm. This small, but significant dynamic builds a bridge between two people who do not know each other, but who for a moment come together for the value of solidarity. The collaborator receives back a personalized thank you drawing.

4. Food bank: In the bulk food donation program: seasonal fruits, dairy products, protein and vegetables are always welcome.

In all cases we can give you:

  • Tax deductible receipt if requested.
  • Photographic report of delivery or activities.
  • Thank you letter for collaborators and the Company.

Please contact us to schedule the activity that can encourage your collaborators by sensitizing them about childhood.

Miguel Ochoa

Coordinator of Casa Hogar Centro Histórico Casa de las Mercedes

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