Through volunteers, our community has access to a variety of workshops and activities that can
positively impact their lives. We welcome workshop proposals in the following areas:

Trade workshops

Cooking, sewing, handiwork, piñatas, papier-mâché, jewelry, artisan soap, make-up, photography.
What’s your trade? We invite you to share it. Perhaps a little girl’s dream will begin in your class.
Share what you know.

Academic Workshop
Now that we’re all at home, distance- and online learning have become an enormous challenge.
You’re invited to help out in person in the subjects of math and English, subjects that are a big challenge for our students.

Art Classes
Art classes have been a way to emotionally heal the girls and teens. Come and share with us your
painting, sculpture, ceramic, coral, music, drums, or guitar lessons. This is one of our favorite classes…

Dance Classes
Dance Teachers? Yes, your classes help us reduce stress, improve our moods, move in time to the
music, and feel like we’re in a place of freedom! Teach us your best dance steps and routines. One hour during the week? Saturdays? A summer workshop? Call us and we’ll block out some time on the agenda to dance together.

Karate do, Taekwon do, Pilates, Yoga.

Some of our girls find sports a good way to focus on achieving goals through discipline while improving their confidence and self-esteem. They feel drawn to a sport, which can bring them new moments of happiness and achievement. We encourage the girls and teens to get passionate about sports so they’ll have the tools to handle stress for a healthy life.

For your workshop proposal

Please address the following::

  1. The purpose of the workshop
  2. Whether it is for girls from 5-12, 12-17, or all ages.
  3. Note the days and times when you can come give the workshop.
  4. Note the time period for which you would give the workshop (we suggest you plan on one month, which you can renew for authorization with the orphanage coordinator).
  5. State whether you will be alone or accompanied by a team.
  6. Copy of IFE-INE required for workshop participants.
  7. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Miguel Ochoa

Casa Hogar Centro Histórico Activities Coordinator.

There are no item.

Volunteer Code of Ethics

It’s important that a volunteer be a role model when it comes to being kind and treating the girls properly. The following code is essential:

A volunteer's work is very important as it is part of how the girls and teens regain a decent life

A volunteer treats the girls with patience, tolerance, support, and kindness. A volunteer does not promote violence by their way of talking.

A volunteer DOES NOT ask about a girl's life history. That is private and confidential.

A volunteer promotes human rights and does not seek profit.

Información para voluntario

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