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2,627 lives over 25 years.

Domestic violence sends hundreds of girls and teens into the street, placing them in a situation of vulnerability that makes it hard for them to study or even develop a healthy personality. Casa de las Mercedes Foundation I. A. P. provides a place where hundreds of girls have found a safe place to grow up and go back to school, where we face difficulties with a brave face, knowing that we’re stronger together.

Claudia Colimoro
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Browse our necessities list

You can do it individually or with a group of friends, in person or online; you can also click and share our website in order to become part of the wonderful support network that has sustained us for over 25 years. You'll see that when you touch another's heart, suddenly the world becomes a much better place.


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Rooftop roofing

This project will help us to have a small playground and space for drying clothes. 120 m2 that require roofing.

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Household Maintenance

Fresh paint for the dorms? The power went out! Need to disinfect the entire premises? Time for the once-a-year spray for pests and rodents? Need new fire extinguishers? We love this home, we want it to be a place of harmony with a respectable appearance so that our girls who have been socially rejected and in situations of poverty regain a sense of a clean, orderly home.

$140 of $15,000 raised

Sponsor a child

Your donation will be used specifically for girls who have made progress in a performance area: school, sports, or a trade. Your donation will go towards the purchase of their supplies. We encourage you to invest in a little girl. Being a guardian angel has big rewards.

$3,070 of $8,000 raised

Volunteers Wanted

Have you felt in your heart that you have time to give to others?

Teach a trade? Teach dancing! Why not? Through volunteers, our community has access to a variety of workshops

and activities that can positively impact their lives. We welcome workshop proposals in the following areas:

Trade workshops

Cooking, sewing, handiwork, piñatas, papier-mâché, jewelry, artisan soap, make-up, photography. What's your trade? We invite you to share it. Perhaps a little girl's dream will begin in your class. Share what you know.

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Art Classes

Art classes have been a way to emotionally heal the girls and teens. Come and share with us your painting, sculpture, ceramic, coral, music, drums, or guitar lessons. This is one of our favorite classes...

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Dance Classes

Dance Teachers? Yes, your classes help us reduce stress, improve our moods, move in time to the music, and feel like we're in a place of freedom! Teach us your best dance steps and routines. One hour during the week? Saturdays? A summer workshop? Call us and we'll block out some time on the agenda to dance together.

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An exceptional challenge

KarateDo in Japan

365 days a year

During 365 days a year, we enthusiastically strive to build a network of support and solidarity around our girls and adolescents.

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