Rooftop roofing

This project will help us to have a small playground and space for drying clothes. 120 m2 that require roofing.

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Household Maintenance

Fresh paint for the dorms? The power went out! Need to disinfect the entire premises? Time for the once-a-year spray for pests and rodents? Need new fire extinguishers? We love this home, we want it to be a place of harmony with a respectable appearance so that our girls who have been socially rejected and in situations of poverty regain a sense of a clean, orderly home.

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Sponsor a child

Your donation will be used specifically for girls who have made progress in a performance area: school, sports, or a trade. Your donation will go towards the purchase of their supplies. We encourage you to invest in a little girl. Being a guardian angel has big rewards.

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Food Bank

We serve three meals every day. We always need dairy products, fruit, vegetables, and grains. You can help out financially or in-kind. Choose something, let's say "oranges!" Great, the girls love oranges!

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Lunch for all

40 recess-time snack packs including sandwich, fruit, and juice or water. Check out the volunteer section where you'll find additional options for making an in-kind donation. You only need
a generous heart and you'll see that your friends will be happy to support the idea.

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Educational Support

Reconnecting the girls with the joy of learning via educational support is highly important as education is one of the pillars of empowerment. Many of our girls are behind in their schooling. We seek to reduce the time needed to catch up with academic support. Your donation will help us pay the salary of a teacher who will tutor at least ten girls at different grade levels.

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